Why can aggression be more beneficial than you think?

Many people have experienced aggression in their lives whether toward some situation, action or even the other person. Aggression is usually perceived as a negative thing as it may eventually lead to health issues, squabbles with friends and family, and affect persons performance.

According to psychologistsfindings, aggression is frequently accompanied by stress that disrupts more healthy cells of a persons organism, discourages them from selfdeveloping and working. Still, many scholars see aggression as a positive category that helps to demonstrate peoples best qualities and achieve certain goals. Therefore, let us try to understand when aggression can be an additional factor of taskscompletion and when it destructs health and worsens world perception and interaction between people.

First of all, aggression has a wide range of definitions, the majority of which takes negative load, namely they state that it is typical of every individual and causes such feelings as fear and anger. There is no doubt that aggression cannot break out spontaneously, without any logical reasons (except some psychological disorders when a person is not able to control their behaviour). The origins of these reasons are diverse, beginning from family problems, financial difficulties, political or social disagreements and ending up with tense relations within society or even peculiarities of some cultures that may be strange for others. The results can be dramatic: significant health problems and psychological disruption. Having felt aggressive, people feel themselves tired and exhausted, they have headaches and problems with cardiovascular system.

If this aggressive behaviour is constant, problems will become fatal. As some scientists indicate, aggression coexists side by side with violence, which in its turn gives rise to anger that can lead to death if not controlling properly. The report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010 concluded that 40 young people, ranging from 10 to 29 years old, die every day as a result of violent actions that equals to 15 thousand annually. At the same time, the WHO argues that such a figure can be reduced providing that society prevent its members from aggression and violence among the youth.

On the other hand, aggression often becomes an extra stimulator that helps to achieve positive effects or even renew your power. Yes, it really may renew your initial power and charge your batteries. Firstly, the positive aspect of aggression is its ability to strengthen working performance. A person, which is aggressively disposed to the work, traditionally gains more and is more productive because in this case aggression stands for diligence and persistence. It is not a surprise that employers want to see strong and aggressive labour force in their teams. They are capable to perform their duties fast, proficiently and effectively. Thus, highranking managers often ask their HR departments to opt for candidates with aforementioned qualities.

Secondly, the notion of aggression is frequently used in the context of sports contests. According to football teams couches, a player should act aggressively on the pitch. However, it does not mean that his aim is to injure someone from the rivals team. Conversely, he is obliged to play calmly and in cool blood, but aggressively in every situation, to the final whistle as it is said in the football world. Sports aggression stays alongside with professionalism, sportsmanship, ethics and persistence. The athlete will gain all the rewards if these components are tightly connected. Finally, aggression always ends up with the calm state. Once a person can properly consider causes of their aggressive behaviour, he/she will never allow it to appear again.

To sum up, scholars are diligently investigating the notion of aggression, its positive and negative aspects. The thought that aggression is an entirely negative thing is wrong and outdated. The right understanding of this notion will form the right definition. This concept is broad and must carefully be defined. Humankind should think it over because aggression may become more beneficial than it may seem.

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