Life in a big city or life in the country

You cant say what is better or worse: to live in a big city or in a country. I would say it depends on what you appreciate more: quiet nature or noisy streets and comfortable apartments. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages so that everyone has to think over possibilities to make right choice.

Lets begin with a big citys pluses. At first, you get access to the entire world. Shops, stores, boutiques, supermarkets, clubs, fitness centers, parks, restaurants and countless cafes are almost on your doorstep. Its a great ability to go wherever you want to do anything you can think of.

Internet is another advantage of the city. Its much better than in small towns or countrysides and you are free to order all the stuff you can ever need in online shops. What can be easier or faster?

The third plus is people surrounding you. Every bizarre or odd person like goth or hippie is able to find those who are similar to him and start friendship. Quite a good way to leave loneliness in the past. On the other hand, those willing to escape from people and to save their comfortable life cant find a place better than a big city. Hundreds of thousands inhabitants of large cities are a guarantee that your friends or enemies will not find you if you dont want to meet them.

Next advantage is about tolerance. Freaks and weirdos of all kinds like living in big cities. If you see them every day on your way home, there comes a moment, when you realize that everyone on Earth has a right to live as he thinks fit. Its normal to perceive representatives of different cultures, nationalities and countries as people with the same rights, thoughts, needs and dreams. Big city teaches you to be patient with rude cads, feel empathy to those who need it, find compromises with neighbors, salesmen, consultants and a great amount of other people you meet every minute.

Big city shows you life as bright as it can only be. You learn how to deal with problems while being in city. I believe this experience is priceless but there are people craving to live quietly. They move into small towns or countries. Countries havent a convenient infrastructure, but you have to take into account its advantages.

Main plus of a small town is nearness to nature and peaceful surroundings. You can spend your time in a calm forest, near the river or in a field. You are picking up flowers, berries or go fishing and no one disturbs you. This is a complete relaxation.
The next important trait of living in a country is prices. Houses, meals and clothes are cheaper than in a big city. You can spend saved money for things you couldnt afford in the city like a pool, fruit garden or expensive hobby.

Country is spacious. It gives you more freedom, more room for your childrens games. The best thing is that all of you can examine new places every day. You live your days surrounded by trees, flowers and green grass. Its awesome.
Country dwellers are also different from people in cities. They are mostly friendly, helpful and nice to you without any special causes. Your children play together, you can count not only on yourself, if you get tough and you have a company for a cup of coffee. Finally, you live in a heartwarming, pleasant atmosphere.

The last big advantage of a country is a lack of public transport. You can hardly find a bus or a taxi in a country so you must reckon only on your legs and walk on foot. Its quite useful for a health to tune up, isnt it? Besides, you can view beautiful landscapes and calm your nerves down while walking. Such moments teach you to appreciate glory of nature and peace.
We can see that both living in a big city and living in the country have advantages and are worth choosing. The choice depends on you. Sit down and decide what lifestyle fits you better. Then you will know what choice will make you happier for sure.

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