Jealousy Is the Best Way to Ruin a Relationship

There is no feeling quite like jealousy for causing cruelty and destruction in a relationship. Quite often it is the main reason for divorces, quarrels and even tragedies. For many people it is a struggle to overcome their jealousy. But let`s examine this problem more deeply.

Some family psychologists define the concept of jealousy in various ways; most believe that jealousy is the need to possess their partner. Jealousy manifests itself as a desire to control a partner. This is totally useless because jealousy cannot save a relationship, on the contrary it will bring about its destruction.

Usually, people who lack confidence are more susceptible to becoming jealous. They fear losing their partner because they think that they will not be able to find a new one.

Domineering people are no exception to this. They can`t tolerate the fact that their partner has their own personal space, and therefore they literallychoketheir partner with their attention.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, alongside others claimed that people who are constantly suspicious of their partner are themselves in a position where they are more likely to have an affair. In a way that describes why they are so afraid. They know that they could easily have an affair and they expect the same from their partners.

Here are some methods to overcome the feeling of jealousy:

  1. Accept your jealousy. There is no need to lie to your partner by saying that you are not jealous.
  2. Remember that jealousy is the best way to ruin a relationship. If you don`t want to break up with your partner, find another way to solve your problems instead of being jealous.
  3. Jealousy is often a sign of mistrust in one`s partner. Think about how you can restore this trust. Talk to one another sincerely and try to find the source of that mistrust.
  4. Write your feelings down. You will quite likely find that the situations over which you are worrying are meaningless.
  5. Improve your selfesteem. You can do this by working out, studying, advancing your career etc. It can help you overcome your fear of losing your partner.
  6. Give you and your partner time alone. Find a hobby to be engaged in. Don`t be clingy, because it will make the situation worse.

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